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The latest video game, entertainment and education news, with a biotech spin.


"Video games can improve mental health. Let's stop seeing them as a guilty pleasure" by Keza MacDonald

"After an Oxford study this week showed that people who play more video games report greater wellbeing, the headlines reflected a sense of stunned incredulity. 'Playing video games BENEFITS..." more


"The Creators of Gods of Mars Decided to Cut Out the Middle Man and Produce the Film Entirely in the Unreal Engine" by Julie Muncy

"Helmed by Peter Hyoguchi, Gods of Mars is an in-production science fiction film that’s breaking new ground. While companies like Disney have used..." more


"Belgium’s Flanders Incorporates Video Games Into Education" by Josh Stewart

"...the Flemish Department of Education and Training has become the second European government ministry (after Poland) to acknowledge the importance of integrating video games into the classroom..." more


Digirad Studios announces new video game "Shifted"

The world of Shifted is entirely at your fingertips. Build a sea-side fortress, humble cabin in the woods, underground bunker, or towers that soar to the sky. Abandoned technologies, buildings and other interesting artifacts are yours to uncover. Create. Destroy. Discover. Survive.

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